Township News

All Residents living on affected roads are urged to attend these meetings

Please look for additional postings for these meetings in your local paper

  • Assessment polices meeting: 11/20/2018 @ 5pm
    • Attorney conference call
  • 11/27 Capital Improvement projects groups A and B…For complete details, click here
    • 6:30 pm Roads Group A: Plateau Drive, Woodland Drive, and Woodland Lane
    • 8:15 pm Road Group B: Wagon Wheel Trail, Livery Lane Livery Court, and Xerxes
  • 11/29 Capital improvement projects groups C and D…For complete details, click here
    • 6:30 pm Road Group C: Forest Ridge Drive, Forest Circle, and Ridge Drive
    • 8:15 pm Road Group D: Southern Oaks Drive(east half), Southern Oaks Circle, Logan Avenue (from CR62 to Southern Oaks)
  • 12/ 5 5:30 pm YMCA community Open House
  • Below and attached letter from the New Market Township Board Regarding Snow Plowing

Snow Plowing Status November 2018

The New Market Township Board published bids for winter snow plowing in September 2018.  The township received one bid for plowing asphalt roads from Thomas Trucking.  The bid was accepted.  Unfortunately, the township did not receive any bids for plowing the gravel roads

The township board immediately started to look for options for snow removal on the gravel roads within the township.  Numerous contractors were asked if they were available and none were interested.  The board also checked with local townships (Cedar Lake, Castle Rock, Eureka) and received no interest in contracting their services to the township of New Market.

The township has leasing a loader with a wing, as passed at the November 8th board meeting.  The township has secured a local contractor, (Valley Construction) to operate the equipment.    The contractor has 4-5 operators available along with storage facilities.  All operators are full time heavy equipment skilled operators.

The loader/blade/wing combination should be able to plow approximately twice as fast as a grader.  We are confident that we will be able to keep up with the demand with this one piece of equipment.  If we cannot keep up – we will lease/rent more equipment.


New Market Township Board

Your Township Board is working together to promote fiscally responsible growth, improve the level of service and preserve the unique heritage of the town we call home.

Township meetings are open to the public! The monthly meetings are held at the Township Hall, generally on the first Tuesday of the Month beginning at 6:30 p.m. and ending when the business is finished. The Annual Meeting, the most important meeting of the year for residents to attend is by statute held on the second Tuesday of March. It is at this meeting where the public voice is heard on all matters including the tax levy. Special meetings are scheduled as necessary at the discretion of the Town Board of Supervisors. All official notices are published in the Lakeville Sun Times, New Prague Times, Website and on the Posting Board located in front of the Township Hall.