Land Development

If at any time you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Township early in the process for clarification.
For your convenience, below is some commentary to help you through the process of improvement planning:

The Township, County and State will help you through the process, but it is ultimately your responsibility for obtaining and complying with any permit and regulation required based on improvements being made.

Consult the Scott County Zoning and current Comp Plan for allowable land use.

See the Permits section of the website and the New Market Township Development Standards and New Market Township Specifications and Detail Plates for Township Standards.

Utilities: If a utility such as gas, electric, phone, cable, etc. needs to provide the property with a new service from the public right of way, they require a permit from either the County or the Township.

County Permits: Scott County issues permits such as, but not limited to Building Permits, Grading Permits, Demolition Permits, Septic, etc.

Visit for County contact and permit information.