In an effort to streamline the County’s processes, Scott County notified Townships in the County they will no longer support March elections as they historically have done. The March 2018 election will be their last supported election.

As you can see on the passed Resolution below, and statutorily required for the change, the Town Board voted to include a ballot initiative asking the voters of the Township whether or not the change should be made. On your March 2018 ballot, you will be asked to consider changing Township elections from March to even year November elections.

A postcard was mailed to voters, seen below, in an effort to publicize the issue, and allow voters to become informed prior to casting a vote.

If the voters decide to change to November elections, the March to November Election Transition Plan Resolution below details how the Town Board will transition from 3 year terms to 4 year terms of the even year November election cycles. This Resolution has been passed by the Township Board, and should the voters decide to change, will be the transition plan.

March elections have been a Township tradition, dating back to the creation of Townships themselves.
Change will happen regardless of how the voters decide. If the voting public choses to keep with tradition, and maintain March elections, the Township will now be responsible for:

  • Layout ballot
  • Print ballots
  • Program tabulator
  • Test tabulator, a public test is required with prior publication of testing time and place
  • Handicap voting
  • Handle military absentee voting
  • Handle other absentee voting
  • Handle early voting
  • Voter registration rolls
  • Ballot retention

There are contracting firms that handle these election items, but come at a cost. Historical costs for these items handled by the County is difficult to measure, as the Township has typically only been billed for material items, such as printing of the ballots, and not County staff time.

Should the voters decide on moving the elections to November, aligning with the even year election cycles, it will result in:

  • The County maintaining support of the elections, including items noted above
  • The Township elections would be included on the regular ballot, streamlining the process
  • Likely increase in voter turn out
  • Board Supervisors terms will change from 3 to 4 year terms.

Regardless of the choice, the Annual Meeting will continue to be held in March of every year, where residents will have the opportunity to set the annual Tax Levy.

The March Elections will be held on March 13, 2018, with the Annual Meeting following at 8:30 pm, at the Town Hall. You are encouraged to vote, and attend the Annual Meeting, where the traditions of Township government continue, and allowing residents to set their annual tax levy.

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