2040 Comprehensive Plan

The Township works with Scott County for Planning and Zoning to ensure the responsible growth within the Township.

Scott County Rural Residential Service Area Detailed Area Plan >
2015 MCES System Statement >
Thrive MSP 2040 >
https://www.scottcountymn.gov/438/Zoning-Application-Checklists-Fact-Sheet >

2030 Comprehensive Plan

https://www.scottcountymn.gov/469/2030-Comprehensive-Plan >

2040 Comprehensive Plan

The County is currently working to update the 2030 Comprehensive Plan into the 2040 Comprehensive Plan. The Township has is working with the County to Promote development conducive to Township interests. Draft framework and plans can be found here: https://www.scottcountymn.gov/439/2040-Comprehensive-Plan